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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Flanco, Aug 31, 2011.

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  1. Flanco


    I'm currently using Intraday MacD Value line and Intraday MacD Signal line to gauge if a stock is trending up or down. Has anyone had any success with this or recommend any other Intraday indicators. For long positions I'm using Intraday MacD value line 12,26,9,1,0 is greater than the Intraday Macd signal line 12,26,9,1,0 to buy and less then to buy short.
  2. How is that indicator/settings working for you?
  3. BSAM


    Intraday Indicators

    Are worthless.
  4. Flanco


    So far it has been working good. I'm only trading the DOW 30 stocks under $50 and just looking for a $0.50 move either long or short using a .03 pullback. I started with $40,000 and through yesterday I closed out $6,382. I use the CoolTrade software to execute these as I couldn't do this myself.
  5. edbar


    I have to agree, for the most part, with this statement.
    The HFT buying all stocks one minute and then selling all stocks the next, regardless of what the intraday indicators are saying, is causing the"short term" intraday indicators to be workless.

    However, I have found some that still work, because they look at longer term moving averages, like INTRADAY MACD (12, 26, 9).
    I also combine that with other indicators that actually look at the HFT activity and go long when most stocks start going up and short when most stocks start going down.

    This of course is easy with automated systems. I doubt you could do it manually.

  6. daveyc


    indicators can only tell you what already happened and in no way can they predict direction.
  7. I spent around 4-5 years looking at indicators, moving averages, adx, RSI etc, they are all worthless. It took me that long to realise they are just good to be binned.

    I trade without indicators now, my charts show prices, and only prices, screen time is the only thing that is worth something.
  8. buccas13


    I'd seen a workshop by Ken calhoun an intraday trader and he had mentioned settings of 9 22 14 for MACD.

    You can try to and get a feel for it.

  9. I know someone who taught at Online Trading Academy and he said the same thing. He said no one walking out of his classes ever made a dime in the market using those indicators.
  10. Flanco


    I have now been running this strategy on the CoolTrade software through TD Ameritrade since August 18th. I have closed out over $13,000 in profits and have the results to prove it! This is the best $2000 I ever spent!
    #10     Oct 28, 2011
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