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  1. For intra day trading (day trading) what Indicators do you like to view and rely on>? and why?
    What are your favorites...aside from price and volume...
  2. From a "non" technical view, we use PREM and DISC to fair value of the S&P 500 futures to recognize the follow up movements in the underlying securities. Market mechanics dictate when the up and down movements take place because of buy and sell programs and general market arbitrage. There's a bunch of other things that kick in too, but this is vital and primary, IMO.


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    Im new to daytrading, how do you get the PREM and DISC?
  4. I would never use any indicators which used data from the previous session, that is for typical indicators. Now support resistance thats different. Or to use even data from another market also as long as it was not used in the calc of say a moving average or stoc. etc.

    Mark Brown (not an alias either)
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    And instead???
  6. calculate the lookback value up to => the fixed input value.
  7. I use 'home grown' inspired by many books about the markets as well as posters on ET. My indicators combine intraday price action in relation to the last 10 days.

    My indicators work by telling me when a stock is overbought/oversold.

    I then fade the market and usually close same day (90%+) or the next day.

    After many years of working on them on and off and with new software I have found them to be effective (so far)
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    Thank you Mark,

    I'm afraid that's a bit too complicated for me.
    Details would be appreciated.

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    Sounds good but is of no help imho

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