IntraDay Historical Data Provider

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by rcar1046, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. rcar1046


    What's the simplest solution to importing historical Intraday data into Amibroker?

    I don't want to go through another trading platform I just want a service that allows me to use Amiquote or directly download .csv files of historical intraday data to be imported into Amibroker to backtest trading strategies against.
  2. squeeze


    What sort of data, stock, futures, FX and what sort of granularity e.g bars or tick?
  3. rcar1046


    Looking for stocks with varied data granularity. 5,10,15,30 any will be acceptable for testing. If this system works it should work on all.
  4. squeeze


  5. Bob111


    qcharts + qcollector
  6. kww


    I agree with Bob. I spent a LOT of time looking for intraday data for Amibroker and concluded that the best solution was QCharts and QCollector. I didn't want to get involved with another platform either but it was pretty painless. QCollector support is very good about responding to questions.

    I also got intraday futures and index data from SCMagic.

  7. Tick data is more money than iqfeed. IQ feed has 8 days of tick and 120 days of intraday(minute).