Intraday historical data for Asia markets

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by hoangmphung, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Hi, I live in Singapore and look to trade the markets in my timezone (Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore). However, I can't find intraday historical data for these market anywhere. Anyone here can help me? Thanks in advance.
  2. mokwit


    No single easy source of intraday data. Tick data vendors have expensive historical, Yahoo or Phillip securities for some EoD

    For some equities + futures Nextview, Quotepower,

    For all Reuters Bridgestation (+ BBG Reut 3000, S&P Comstock)

    eSignal covers many but my experiemce was of corrupt data that did not get fixed.

    InteractiveBrokers acount gives Futures RT + Backfill for charting packages like TS2000, Sierra, Quotetracker + Ensign.

    Quotetracker will accept data from some brokers in the region, but generally an acount is required.
  3. What I'm looking for is long historical data like a few years for testing purpose. I have looked at some tick data vendors but none of them have it. Seem I'm out of luck here :(
  4. mokwit


    Pretty much. One of them has HSI going back to when it went electronic and maybe a few othrs. Tickdata I think