Intraday Gaps in GC

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    Don't know know what is the reason of intraday gaps in Gold and can I predict time of its occurrence in order to stay aside?

    For example, here is a situation that occurred while scalping Gold. I placed a limit buy order at 1401.5. My broker filled it. However I cannot see my trade among actual trades on this particular tick chart. Broker says it offers me direct access to market.

    I would prefer to be filled at 1400.5 however, may be you know a broker that do this.

    Another question to concern - this gap occurred between 5:31:17 and 5:31:18 CDT. There were no macro economic news according to Bloomberg. Can you suggest what happened exactly?
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    However, TradeStation gives other picture
  3. It's the data are missing about 8-10 ticks in that first chart.
    re: Tradestation - I remember they used to plot the last price continuously if no new data was arriving. That may be the case here as well. It will be manifested by a horizontal line.
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    Thank you!
    It seems that you are right, this broker's feed misses ticks.
    As for TradeStation, it is not the case anymore, if there is no data, no ticks appear. E.g. for minutes or seconds bars, if there were no trades - no bars appear.