Intraday FX is easier to trade than ES?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sgtraders, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. Do you think so?:D
  2. Yes, it's like walking in the park...
  3. then why still have so many people trading es?:D
  4. Agreed, just look at the 1-minute chart you would know.

  5. Yes, it's like shooting fish...
  6. bighog

    bighog Guest

    The "ES" is the big kahuna, it is where the best minds in the world play, not to take anything away from the currency mkt relative to the ES since the currency mkt's as a whole are the "BIGGEST" mkt there is.

    But on an individual basis, the ES is the best game there is, the stock mkt has always been the number 1 game. :cool:

    PS, trading biggies come and go, Soybeans, Gold, Pork Bellies, Crude oil, etc. But the truth be known, if you can trade one individual mkt consistent over a few years you can probably do it anywhere at any time in any instrument. After all this game is 90 % mental they say. (they are right)...:cool: