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  1. I noticed that in the P&L blotter thread almost all of the profitable traders were equity traders... are there any consistently profitabe emini intraday traders here?

    Also.. how much $ a week are they averaging.?

  2. see YM thread in index futures for some

    ET posters whom claim to be doing pretty good
    daily and weekly trading YM
  3. You've participated in one of AFterburner's journals over a year ago...

    Couldn't you just go back an re-read it and tally up his weekly averages that was shown in his P&L blotter ???

    There are others that have posted unrequested blotters here and there at ET...

    I remember one of them I know for a fact is averaging about 85k per year for the past 5 years while day trading the eminis...

    He's single (no family to support), debt-free and living at home to help take care of his elderly parents.

    He once said he only trades 4 days per week.

    Anyways...that's about $1,770.83 per week and probably can be recalculated based on the fact he only trades 4 days per week.

  4. I am talking about traders that are still trading actively and are members of ET..
  5. Me too and re-read my prior quote as a reminder...

    AFterburner's thread is here at ET and I guess that makes him an ET member :cool:

    Further, the other traders I mentioned about showing blotters here and there besides AFterburner...

    Those guys I gave reference to in my prior post are ET members although I haven't posted any specific direct links (not interested in doing such because you had negative remarks towards them) when you participated in their threads in the past or have had at least one post reply exchange with them in non-journal threads about day trading futures.

    All are still actively trading as they were when they interacted with you in the past here at ET and still achieving about the same averages accordingly to them in a recent conversation I had with them in a chat room.

    (Note: These guys are not regular chat room users...they had dropped in to say hello to me and to see how I was doing after a tragic death of a close relative.)

    However, their current level of activity in posting messages at ET may not be on the same active level as yours if that's what you really meant by your quote above.

  6. yes sir, Trend Fader, you have made quite a keen observation with regards to the stock trader prowess. It does seem to me that the futures traders are a delusional bunch. I believe this Nihaba fellow means well, yet he is rather difficult to comprehend. Perhaps, he can be de-coded by one of you gents.
  7. I will now expose the secret identities of the top traders at

    :D :p :D :p :D :p :D

  8. hi mr pivot ... please stop promoting TI on other threads ...

    I "google" that gentleman you refer to F.S.

    and saw some other place where someone else claims TI people are making 5% a day trading
    thats interesting ... lets see

    thats 1200 % a yr ? or higher ?

  9. realtor


    Hey, I think I know that FS guy.

    (Seems mr pivot pivoted out of here -- no longer appears in the thread. Sort of a key reversal. I think he's been removed from ET.)
  10. Excuse me:

    I am sure NihabaAshi does not require my assistance. However, I do want posters to take notice as follows;

    Nihaba is a long time member. If anyone took the time to read his posts, surely they would come to understand that his intention is to help traders along this difficult road. I encourage some of you to get off you asses and read his previous posts. They are in English.

    In my experience, futures and commodities traders are no different than equities traders. Professional traders active in futures markets make good liviings. In my experience, good professionals often prefer not to broadcast their successes and failures for public consumption. In my own case, I get more satisfaction knowing that I am taking care of my family obligations than from trying to establish my place in the ET pecking order.

    In general, retail participants (both equities and futures) tend to make less money (if any), and are less consistent over time. Again this is common sense. Retail traders are less likely to recognize when a strategy is no longer effective. Thus they are exposed to more risk and more volatile equity curves.

    Good luck in the markets
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