Intraday Futures Spreads margin requirement

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  1. I'm usually an options trader, so pardon me for my stupid question ---

    How does one get a margin discount for trading spreads on bonds or indexes intraday? I understand CME lowers their margin requirements when carrying past the close. To trade a futures spread, is it possible to trade another cme symbol with lower requirements?

    Thanks for the assistance. :)
  2. the broker sets the margin, but most good brokers go with what they call "exchange minimum" so whatever the minimum required by the CME will also be the minimum required by your broker.

    It is all on the computer now, you don't need to ask for it. If you are long outright, you will have one margin requirement, if you are spread, it will automatically go down.
  3. Absolutely.

    The margins for spreads are much lower.

    This applies both intra-day and overnight.

    However, some broker platforms will not show the lower margins intraday because they have not programmed it in. In this case, if you talk to your broker's risk department, they will normally give you very low day margins to compensate for that.

    Some brokers such as IB do compute the intraday margins correctly at all times. On TWS, if you add another position creating a spread, your required margin will instantaneously drop precipitously. It goes by SPAN margin at all times.

    All of this also applies to options.
  4. you would get a lot better replies if you explained what it is you are trying to do.

    otherwise, no you are wrong, after the close (or actually a little before) the higher overnight margin kicks in.

    Generally positions held after the open but before the close get a 50% discount, hence the infatuation of low capitalized day traders.
  5. Probably his broker is not re-computing margins during the day. Some do not and do not even recognize spreads when they are creating by legging in one side at a time. I think that that is what he is describing.
  6. he isn't even trading real money, he's just asking vauge questions, and out of the goodness of my heart I have tried to be polite (which at times can be very hard for me) and help him, and all he did was ridicule me because I filed as unemployed (he should have it so good) so you try to help him. Sounds like you have more patience than me.
  7. Oh I did not know that background.......
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    I'm talking about intraday future spreads specifically. Is there a seperate symbol for spreads at CME? My apologies for the dumb question. :wtf:
  9. yeah well, I don't hold it against anybody. You can't believe how stupid I was when I started, (and still am when I'm trying to learn something new.)
  10. There are internal symbols but you do not normally use them - you just quote and execute the spread as a combination or leg in, either way.

    It sounds as if your broker platform is inadequate for trading spreads,
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