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  1. Two full-time intraday futures traders (one with five years experience, one with three) seek like minded traders to round out our disciplined instant messaging group.

    Objective: community, commentary, and observations, where we speak the same shorthand. Also, we like to share results of research projects.

    Keywords: Linda Raschke trained, Van Tharp trained, Tradestation 7, e-mini, NQ, individual equity scalping and swing trading, TC2000, programming, backtesting.

    We seek a few traders with complimentary skills and interests. Compatibility is critical. If interested please respond with a brief background email.

  2. Alchemist,

    Interesting, I've read Van Tharpe, use TS 7.1, trade ES & NQ have just started mentoring with one of our "better' traders here utilizing some of his profitable equity scalping strategies also am implementing some of my own "swing-trading' strategies...beginner ELA system developer (am taking some TS administered class's), ...interested... pm me.

    rttrader -

    ps: My time "is" somewhat limited during the trading day as I not only trade with my firm I also support some of the marketing/Biz Dev and back-office efforts as well.
  3. What exactly is an Instant Messaging group?

    I mean...what are you going to be using for instant messaging?

    Hopefully your not implying something like Yahoo! or AOL messenger.

    You'll be better off with a private room on ICQ, IRC or Hotcomm for realtime trader communication.

    Schedule phone conference (1 hour) for a monthly meeting would compliment the above very nicely.

    I know some traders that may be interested...I'll send them a link to this message...

    they don't like that Yahoo! or AOL messenger junk.

  4. I respectfully disagree... I use Yahoo Messenger all the time for conversations with fellow traders... it has an excellent conferencing capability...
  5. ..I also have to admit, when I want to talk to any of our 5 US or several off-shore offices "cheaply" Yahoo messenger works just fine, we often share files, charts smooth as silk.....and it is brain dead easy, much more robust than Paltalk for instance...I love it!

    rttrader -
  6. I like the idea of creating a group of traders specializing in index futures. Yahoo M and AOL IM both work very well. I think even better than one of those private room. Once I tried to log on IRC with very little success.
  7. I use Yahoo and AOL also for personal reasons with my long distance family members...

    but not for trading because I need more than the basic stuff.

    For serious trading...a proper conference room among a private group would be one that allows audio, white boards, graphics and many other features I fail to mention.

    These software programs for such are all over (I'm not talking about ICQ, IRC nor Hotcomm).

    Use a google search engine via keywords like Web Conferencing...

    If major corporations uses them...

    they should be good enough for serious traders.

    Note: I didn't mention specific serious software programs (web conferencing tools) because there are so many of them on the market.

    Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, IRC nor Hotcomm can't even compete with those other Web Conference software.

    There is no single best Web Conference tool...

    you'll just have to figure out what your needs are and then use a software or program that meets those needs.

    Yahoo! and AIM (AOL) does not meet my trading needs nor the needs of traders I associate with via conferencing.

  8. Ebo


    You are the man.
    Some of us very simple and profitable traders are quite content using AIM buddy list. AIM private chat rooms work well for me as well. There is no such thing as a right or wrong way to communicate in this business.

  9. Fair enough... I suppose it depends on what precisely you are using Yahoo Messenger for... for me, it serves my purposes of text chat, voice chat, conferencing and file swapping... yes of course there may be more sophisticated stuff out there, I don't challenge that... but for me and my online buddies, Yahoo Messenger is just fine, and is so simple that even a 10 year old could use it... obviously, if you are after something that is capable of showing your screen live to others, then Yahoo Messenger can't do that (Hotcomm can though, I think)... so there is no "best" solution in my view... it simply boils down to how stringent your requirements are... and that boils down to the personal preferences of the specific traders who are interacting...
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