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    Just wondering if anyone has any idea about intraday futures data provider. I am looking for 1 minute data. I dont need real time, delayed data possibly updating once in day is enough. I looked at the opentick but they are not currently accepting any new registrations. Any reasonably priced vendor? Please help. I appreciate your suggestions.
  2. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal


    eSignal's new OnDemand service should be a great fit. For a low flat monthly rate, you gain access to all of our history data from 1 minute to daily, weekly and monthly bars. The data is all available on a delayed basis so no exchange fees are needed.

    When you log-on, our servers will refresh all your symbols with a current delayed quote and will do so automatically every few minutes thereafter. Meanwhile, you'll have access to all the history data via eSignal's powerful charting application.

    Here's a link for more information. You can sign-up online or if you have other questions, please give our Sales Team a call. Contact numbers are listed at the bottom of that page.

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    Thanks guys for your replies. I should be able to download the 1 minute data. I want to do my analysis in excel. Does esignal have the downloading option? Futuresource looks great but its only intraday charting.
  5. Done 777

    Done 777

    I am looking for good delayed/automatically updated source of futures (different series/months) and spot historical data from stock exchages like TOCOM and exoticks like India, China, Turkey, Slovakia...

    I don't need delayed data, I see eSignak has only real-time
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    Do you have an IB account? You can download 1 minute data from them (free of charge).
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    mnkc & Done 777

    eSignal On Demand has the world's futures markets and the major international stock exchanges that you are looking for including India. It has 15+ years of history on most data types and 120 days of interval data. Include software for back testing with replay mode and hundreds of charting studies. Price includes data and software for $24.95 per month and no exchange fees.

    Here is the latest updated page on this new product:

  8. Done 777

    Done 777

    I can't install your software on windows xp, because your soft needs Service Pack 2 update. I heard SP2 and SP3 is shit - leads system to unstable.

    Any other soft? Maybe JAVA, available via internet browser?