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  1. Anyone used Found on the internet and did a search on ET but nobody has mention it. Certainly reasonably priced. Would like to do some research but don't want to pay a bunch of $ for data. Can anyone recommend any other places to look that isn't expensive.

  2. corvus


  3. How can you miss the posts on Haven't you seen the spams on some of the message boards, including this one?
  4. I'll check it out. Hey shellback thanks for your informative post it really helped :D
  5. A lot of people post about dukascopy, but only FMRS posts about Four times between Dec 12 and Jan 12. Well, you're the first besides FMRS to mention hisbase. :D
  6. Shellback, I been trying to reach you! I need to talk to you about UBS, can you PM me pls?
  7. No, I do NOT wish to talk about UBS with anyone anymore since 99.99% of the posters don't have the funds to open an account with them and I don't wish to waste my time. If you indeed have the necessary funds to open an account, then call them directly and ask them your questions.
  8. No, this is about something else. Can you PM me, pls?
  9. I am using now their database. What i like in it is a pretty good quality of data. And a very low price comparing to cqg ones. But they send only ascii file so there was some bustle to import it to my favorite Tradestation %)
  10. So... you can't "waste" your time with small cap traders, eh, ... Shellback...?

    Hey, Shellback, what happened to your rating on MoneyTec?

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