Intraday Euro/USD with Volume

Discussion in 'Trading' started by J-S, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. J-S


    Hi can anyone point me to a site that offers this - It doesn't matter whether it's delayed - I'm simply interested in looking at the volume of trade at different times during the day for the past few weeks & months.
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  3. There are no volume figures worth looking at in the currency markets. The volume in the futures is no help in trading the currencies, as the primary volume is done in the interbank market. As this is all OTC volume figures - if you can even find any - are not reliable.
  4. J-S


    Hi Global Trader thanks!!

    Is there any way at all to determine which times of the day are most active on the USD/Euro market? Eg is there more activity when US equity markets open, less during US closing hours, or does activity remain high 24 hours round the clock?
  5. The biggest interbank market for EUR-USD is London
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