Intraday ES & NQ data?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by JPB, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. JPB


    Does anyone have 1 minute ES and/or NQ data they would be willing to share? I would love a continuous contract, but beggars can't be choosers, I'll take what I can get. Looking for at least a year, preferably more. E-mail me or post any links here and I would be eternally grateful.


  2. JPB, did nothing come of the trader2trader upload(s)?
  3. JPB


    They never got posted there. The NAZ100 did, but that's it.

  4. jeffm


    What format are you looking for data? OMZ for TS, or ascii for something else?

    If 5m data will work, here is a site that has data for each back to the Dec 99 contract.

    If you can use TS2k XPO format, let me know and I can send you 1m (or tick) data in a continuous non-adjusted contract.
  5. H2O


  6. DaveN


    Tim Morge has very generously made lots of ES, SP, ND, and NQ data available for free. There's even a continuous contract. It's not the most current, but it might help fill in some gaps in your search.
  7. JPB


    I'm looking for ascii, 1 minute data (I'm using wealth-lab). The traders2traders site has some data, but nothing from the last year. I don't know what the xpo format looks like or if I could convert it?