Intraday equity index traders: do you scale in, scale out, or remain constant?

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How do you manage your intraday equity index futures trades?

  1. I scale into intraday equity index futures trades

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  2. I scale out of intraday equity index futures trades

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  3. My trade size remains constant throughout an intraday equity index futures trade

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  1. Please participate in the poll and feel to provide any commentary you feel is appropriate. I would appreciate it if the respondents would limit their responses to intraday equity index futures trading.

    I scale out because it makes for a less volatile equity curve.
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    It depends on the signals the market is giving, often I scale out and exit half the position and move the stop to break even on the remainder to lock in profit and to allow my profit to run if I think there is more room.
  3. This is an interesting subject. I find the idea of scaling in and out very appealing but I go all in and all out. Mathematically I dont think there is any advantage to either method. At least thats what Ive read. So I guess its just a question of what youre comfortable with.
  4. How about for scaling in and out? I will vote under that catergory.
  5. Good point. That alternative occurred to me after I created the poll and was no longer able to change it. My apologies. Let's see if the moderators can help us here.
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    Would you kindly add an additional (fourth) alternative to my poll? If so, please phrase it as follows:

    I scale both into and out of intraday equity index futures trades.

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  7. All else being equal, and in the long run, I think that you may have a good point. That is why I have chosen what I believe to be the least bumpy ride.
  8. It is a function of money management really. You are using the profits from a trade going your way to add more based on an additional entry signal. On the exits, it is good to know what target lies ahead in a distance, but I trade it better when I peel some off to have a free trade if it doesn't go. I can't imagine being precise enough to take all in and all out in one go. It is a matter of preference. This, of course, is from the perspective of a scalper.
  9. Your post makes good sense to me. What you regard as scaling in based on an "additional" (subsequent) signal, I would simply regard as a "separate" signal. However, I like to scale out for the same reason that you do. The scaling out has nothing to do with a subsequent signal, but is the result of reaching an interim profit objective. Apart from our timing, we may be doing similar things but simply describing them differently.
  10. i use a scale in method for entry, and I scale out according to my latest entry cost basis for manual trading.
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