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    Anyone know of a good site that offers free or cheap intraday data? I'm on the programming/technical side of things, just starting out in the learning curve, and want to be able to download ASCII intraday data at the end of each day. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance...
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  3. That link by LadyLuck is a re-directional link to Lycos livecharts.

    A shortcut is this link for example using BRCM (just change the symbol to anything you need along with the interval number):

    BRCM 1min intraday data for today and part of yesterday (link may take a minute to load after clicking on it).

    If your doing programming your probably already spending good money on your system...

    I recommend you just subscribe to a intraday data source for a few months and download (accumulate) all the intraday data you need.

    If you need historical intraday data...try this "historical intraday data" search link here on EliteTrader...lots of info provided to those before you asking the same question.

    Nihaba Ashi
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    Thanks for the good info on a newbie question...