IntraDay Data for Electronic Futures Markets

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  1. Can anyone refer me to an affordable and reliable intraday data source for electronic futures markets; apart from

    Thank you
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    check out Maran. Order the premium feature 2. "J-Trader Realtime Futures" (5 €/month) and you will get world wide markets intraday futures histories. :eek: If you have installed a PATS client on your system, you also will get real time quotes.

    Frank :cool:
  3. Thanks Frank, but it seems I require PATS to even access the intraday data.....Are you sure I can access intraday data WITHOUT PATS?

    From their website:

    . Real time quotes, historical data and market depth of futures of all major world markets

    * Real time quotes for Eurex, CME, CBOT, Liffe and others
    * Requirement: You need to have J-Trader as trading platform installed on your system
    * Maran uses J-Trader as data source, so you will get real time quotes for all symbols, that are added to J-Trader
    * Works on other trading platform too, if they route through PATS
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    I am using this without a PATS client. So i don't get any realtime quotes. But when i open a chart, i get an up to the minute chart of the symbol.

    Hey, just ask them for a demo for the feature, hopefully they will let you test this.

    Frank :cool: