Intraday charts are unreadable

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  1. the intraday charts these looks like like screwed manipulated penny for many stocks and futures..
    the intraday charts are very choppy and ugly..really ugly charts.

    these charts are usually scene in thinly trade penny stocks now it's in every chart..

    the charts look really bad on the intraday it shows illliquid on volume trading

    for daytraders it's dead intra-day not as good as before... for futures afterhours is not as active as before.

    as suspected volume and liquidity has dried up. momentu has dried momentum

    these deadbeat flatlines means no volume rigged only scene...volume is really drying up...lighter and lighter volume...unless the FED injects more cash this market should depends on the FED inject and manipulating the's going to be really ugly FED rates is force to 5%...and the FED doesn't about interesr rates are about wall street or bailing out bank profits..the hell with the stock market nad starts fighting 5% inflation.

    two scenerio

    1. golden age begins

    2. doomsday nuclear war.disease, financial collapse. US dollar is worthless and inflation is 10% AND unemployment is 20%

    they ssay 2012 is end of the world year....could be 2012 is two years...2011/2012 interesting times ahead...
  2. you forgot 3)

    3) your keeper comes to the door , and takes you away in a nice white straight jacket.

  3. whatever,,reality is too scary for you..

    what is so crazy about nuclear war! the odds of nuclear war is 50%.

    nuclear war is the end of the world or end of the US economy..blow up the US soil....

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    Ty man that made my day LOL
  5. Just throwing this out there, but you should try and learn some english before then. You know, just in case that 50 pct probability goes the other way and we make it to 2013. It's never too late man. It's never too late.
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    Congrats you have just advanced to next level.

    That is exactly correct, intraday charts are unreliable and when some paper trader says the contrary notice how they cherry pick days where it was reliable. Over the course of time they are noisy and hurt a lot more than they help.

    Next step delete every single indicator and you might be on your way to a new level

    Watch what big money does on the charts that matter not what the ET pikers do on 1 minute or 21.2 tick charts.
  7. BrokenEnglish, you are now on ignore. Want to be taken seriously? Try not to be such a dumb fuck.
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    yes intraday fluctuations are choppy in most markets most of the time - maybe once or twice a week you get a trend day
  9. actually there is an underlying logic to much of what the unwashed masses call intraday noise. To an ant , everything is a mountain.

    comprehending this is well above the pay grade of 98% of traders.
  10. Trading slows down around xmas time and new years.

    Rich people go on vacations to use their bonuses.

    So feed the reindeer.
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