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  1. G-Boa


    Where can I find a chart of intraday price action AND intraday volume??

    Of a stock first of all; of the ES (would be interesting to COMPARE); of the USD/KRW contract (would be interesting to SEE).

    Much appreciated!!
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  3. G-Boa


    Is there a way to see intraday sell volume and buy volume, and then monitor the price levels??

    On a chart would be a start, but it would be even more interesting to see the actual intraday volume on a transactional level and to be able to distinguish (by myself if I have to) buys and respective volumes and sells and respective volumes [I mean, that's how a price chart is created in the end isn't it].

    Anyone in this forum know where to get this info??
  4. Every buyer has a seller and every seller has a buyer, so you'd basically have one flat line with varying volumes. Good Luck.

    Being a bit sarcastic there, but I think you are asking which buyers were retail vs. institutional, in which case, since you are retail, again,... good luck.:p

    A chart represents price movement and volume of activity of transactions over the given period. It will never tell you the specifics about who buying and selling during that interval, you get to deduce that yourself.
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    No, here's sarcastic: "Great answer, but it doesn't really answer my question" :p

    Oh, and there's a great spot for me right there in retail, I'll work my volume up. You don't need to be an institutional player to make money in this market, but you DO need to up your skill level.

    Right now it's a combination of skill and faith/trust. Or are the two mutually exclusive?? I don't know, I guess I'm on the path to finding out...
  6. piezoe


    skill only. It's nice to be lucky, but in the market it is skill that counts in the long run.