Intraday Backtesting Platform for free?

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    Looking for a (keyword) free backtesting INTRADAY platform for either stocks, futures, or FX(if that's possible). Quality/ease of use doesn't really matter, I understand I'd be looking at mainly demos or shareware versions with non full operational capability, but as long as it can backtest intraday, good enough for me.

    Search has yielded these daytrading demo platforms, but I'm looking more towards backtesting than paper trading.

    Historical data I have used search to come up with some results, but would like your opinions on good (keyword again) free historical intraday data. So far seems like opentick/qcharts for stocks, several russian/swiss sites for FX, and nothing I could find for futures.
  2. I can't help you, but it would look good to others that might be able to if you, outta good faith, posted that link to the free FX sites.

  3. I am guessing that software does not know if data is 5 min bars, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Lots of software might work. It is necessary to have intraday data to test, and I can not find intraday data anywhere for free.
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    Now since I haven't really checked in detail that all these sites work and have the data for free, for the data may be incomplete or the sites have been shut down etc etc, but from my saved lists :

    Stocks: (do the 1 month free trial)

    FX: (EOD daily historical only are free I think)
    (go to historical data and tools) (EOD I think)
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    Forgot to mention that most of those are EOD as you can see, hence my original post about intraday data. But some of the FX ones and possibly the qcharts trial have 1min 5min etc that could be useful.