intra-market margins for the eurodollar spread

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    anyone know?
  2. 0008


    it helps, thanks

    but I don't understand what it means

    just like this one

    Eurodollar (ED) - Tier 3 vs. Tier 11 [mth 09-12 vs. mth 41-44 ]

    what is the tier ?
    and what is the mth 09,12,44 etc?
  3. I honestly have all sorts of confidence that you'll be able to figure out the answers to these questions yourself. This might help:
  4. You registered in November-2002? What have you been doing all of that time? The margin is "very low". :confused:
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    If you can't figure out this one then maybe you shouldn't be trading it.
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    last time I had a spread overnight it was a 100 to 120 lot fly (can't really remember it was awhile ago) thats 400 to 480 open cars..i think they held 10,500 maybe.