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Discussion in 'Trading' started by mgregor, Aug 31, 2001.

  1. mgregor


    Can anyone suggest a good and affordable means of scanning for intra-day volume spikes on stocks?
  2. Babak


    RealTick will be integrating's real time filtering for unusual price/volume activity very soon.

    Contact them for more info or visit
  3. Rigel


    Traderbot will do it, all real-time, but it's sort of expensive.$40/mo.
  4. bkout3


    If your time frame allows for a 20 min delay you might find this useful:

    I use a program called RavenQuote which allows me to screen for unusual volume as well as put a lot of other filters in that I create -- example:
    avg vol >300K shares
    todays vol on track to trade 150% of average
    stock making a new 65 day high
    daily RSI <60
    etc etc
    Uses a data feed total cost runs about $130/mo
    also does charting and visual backtesting. Data is sometimes flaky but think that happens from many sources. IMO a good deal if you're serious but don't want to spend thousands on TradeStation etc.
    No connection just a resonably satisfied customer.
    Might want to check & see if they're real time yet -- used to be EOD only, but about $40/mo.
  5. Yoda


    Try getting a Medved Quote Tracker software and sort your stocks by Volume % Up, this will bring out heaviest traded stocks for the day and usually, if you check, there's always a news on it.

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    Traderbot will do it, all real-time

    Have you got a url for Traderbot? Thanks.