INTRA-DAY stock scanners?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mdl060374, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. I know a few threads have been started in general re: filters and scanners, but I cant seem to find an affordable one intra-day...

    All of them are based upon closing data....

    I know tradestation is the obvious answer, but I am looking to test an idea I have as cheapily as possible.. Odds are, I will find out it wont work, but it looks promisisng....

    I know $200 is nothing if I find something that works, but I thought I would throw it out there...

  2. Truff


    look at Marketscreen, its $29.95 a month. very good for the price
  3. thanks, it looks promising at first glance. I will check it out..
  4. i personally love the scanner in it is different from all the others in that you can see in the minicharts immediatly all the stocks that fit the criteria. for instance i have a scan set up to see all stocks that have gapped and are above their opening price with a min $3 stock and min 500k volume.. or i have another that shows all stocks over $3 min 500k average daily volume that are above yesterdays close and within .25% of todays daily high....there are many options and you create the technical criteria for both intraday and daily. and its part of their package that has real time charts for about $30 per month after exchange fees. they offer free trial i beleive. the difference with the scans and other on the market is they are more simply scroll down the page and you will see all the charts in seconds (i have my minichart settings set to 3 days 15 min candlestick chats with 20 and 200 ma, you can configure the minicharts for any setting you like.).
  5. Tradestation STINKS for intraday. No built in features, other than a very lame gainers list. If you want to scan for anything you have to have it in a quote box already, so that means 5000 or more quotes being fed to you. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

    TS is really behind the curve on this and there is no excuse at all. Morons.

    Now, that said. The best intraday scanner out there is

    I only use the free hi/low list , but the other features are very fast and powerful.

    When you make your first million using them, you can buy me lunch.
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    I was thinking about trying out Tradestations Scanner,does it use up alot of your PC'S Processing Power.I will be ruinning other Software.
  7. If you are talking about Radar Screen, I don't use it, but I am led to believe it uses a lot of CPU. Also, the scanning requires every tick to be sent to YOUR machine, so if you are watching a lot of symbols its a problem.
  8. What are you scanning for? Individual criteria over a large amount of stocks, nothing but First Alert or Insight will do IMO. If its basic scanning, there are a bunch out there, take a look at I tried it recently and it looks promising. Not for me though.