Intra-day scans??

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    which website and/or software is everyone using for intraday scans?
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    "Everybody" isn't using any one particular intraday scanning program. There are many. If you have CyberTrader it has a built-in scanner called CyberQuant. There are a number of scanners that use the TAL (RealTick) data feed i.e., mTrader, iWatch, Sort Wizard, Stormtracker, OzScan, etc; then there's others that use their own feeds like First Alert and TradeStation. Also, I'm sure there are some web-based scanners although I don't know if they're realtime.
  3. Intraday, I use Traderbot, Cybertrader's Cyberquant and Townsend Analytics Realtick ( has a neat add-on for Realtick, which I may get soon). I hear that First Alert is good too (though a bit memory intensive) - I aint got it, but am considering chucking in Traderbot for First Alert. For end of day scans, I got Metastock with Reuters feed... TC200 is a cheaper alternative to that. Also has got a neat end of day analyser (basic is free, or you pay em a low fee for customisable scanning).
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    Candletrader reminded me of one, and that's TC2000. As he mentioned it's main use is end-of-day, but even the standard version can be used for intraday scanning although it's not realtime. As it's data is 20 minutes delayed, when you add on the time it will take your computer to update the data and integrate it into your scans you will have about a 30 minute delay. Not as good as realtime but it's better than nothing and it's cheap. Be aware that TC2000's more expensive version, called RealTime, is only for realtime charting, not scanning. In that regard it does no better than the much cheaper standard version.
  5. Does anyone know if Redi Plus comes with a built-in scanner or if there are specific scanners for it?

    Also, has anyone tried the Pristine ESP market scanner?

    Finally, can Tony Oz's scans ONLY be used w/Real Tick?

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    Finally, can Tony Oz's scans ONLY be used w/Real Tick?

    I don't know the answers to your first two questions, but the Oz scans require the TAL (Townsend Analytics, Ltd.) data feed. In other words, they only work with Real Tick.
  7. I'm looking for a program in which I can get Real Time Alerts
    based upon moving averages and moving average crossovers
    also a stocks price structure compared to certain ma's
    anyone know about a very in-depth program for what i'm looking for? i know stormtracker isn't in-depth enough and i'm just starting to look at AIQ, let me know what you guys see out there.

    regards, green
  8. How many stocks at one time are you trying to get realtime alerts based on the MAs?
  9. alot, any stock over say 25 or so with 1 mil volume
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    green_latern you may want to take a look at MWatch from Mtrader at or Intelliscan from RealityTrader at Both these scanners are fully programmable and can watch multiple MA's and MA crossovers in real-time.

    1. They only monitor NASDAQ stocks - max 1000 at a time
    2. They only work on the TAL/Real-Tick 3 data feed

    I am the author of both these scanners and therefore have an interest in their use. You can get free 2 week trial at either site.

    Mike Diplock
    #10     Nov 15, 2001