Intra-day charts from WAY back.

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  1. Short and sweet:
    Anyone know of any websites or any places that have stock charts or DJIA, intra-day charts from way back.

    I'm talking 20+ years, even longer ago.

    I'm interested in seeing what the intra-day trading looked like back then compared to now.

    I mainly trade futures, so futures data would be nice, but, anything will help.

  2. Perhaps you could run a chart using random data of 100,000 bars and run your deal on that.

  3. It is/was so different from today, that it renders the data *completely* useless, other than for old-timers to sigh and exclaim...ahhhh...I miss those trend days!

  4. Yeah, I believe it....... just interested in seeing what it looked like. Or can someone just give me a time machine :)
  5. Sir, if you indeed have cash to burn, perhaps Tick Data might be of some use. More than likely you could obtain 20 years worth of tick data in .csv format. Good night.
  6. data from 20+ years back. lol we didnt even have computer charts back then. my computer back then was an old mac se with a 9 inch black and white screen.

    Both Tickdata. Inc and CSI data are useless data providers. First one offers tickdata with no quote (like people without head) and second one no tick data.

    The best one around is
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