INTJ trader's girl?

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  1. There was a thread asking what Myers-Brigg type people were. Many respondents were INTP or INTJ men. (I am an INTJ.)

    Now, if you are an INTJ male and a trader, what type of females would make the best girlfriends/wives?

    One personality-type website recommends INTJ men to hook up with an ENTP or ENFP female. Another site recommends NF's in general; another recommends INTP or INTJ female.

    What's your personal experience? How do/did things work out with various types of women if you're an INTJ male trader?
  2. i am an INTP, but used to be an INTJ (long story) and definately NOT an ESFJ, steer very clear, i know others who have had unsuccessful run ins with them, but i would try for an ENFP. . .

    and ENFP has alot of fun, spontaneity, and adds a good deal of balance to your life. . . . plus, in general, they like sex. . . .

    my girlfriend is an ENFP. . . .

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    Do you want a girlfriend or a NASDAQ ticker symbol ?
  4. Where do you find an ENFP girlfriend?

    And, what exactly does that stand for ...
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    I am an INTJ male and a trader. I find the type of females that make the best girlfriends are the hot, well educated (so the stupidity doesn't drive you crazy in the long run) ones. :D
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    Teachers (ABC's ) r the best!
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  8. Good news. As it turns out, the two personality types most likely to retire early are INTP and INTJ. :D

    Have a lookie
  9. What's also interesting is that INTP and INTJ's make up only about 1% of the population, yet seem to populate the majority of this board (from what you say). Too bad none of the career reccomendations for INTP/INTJ mention day trader.
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