Intial damage to Oil

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  1. Does anyone know the inital damage to oil rigs, refiners, etc?

    I thought there would be more info by now... but maybe I'm not looking in the right place.
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    You will hear more tomorrow (some news in the morning picking up in the afternoon). I work for a oil co., right now its people first property second.
  3. They showed on the news and oil rig stuck under a bridge in Mobile. They didn't say how far the rig moved to get there.
  4. I should have also mentioned that they no idea how to dislodge the rig from the bridge.
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  6. Thanks JayS

    As many people now know... its not the wind that does the primary damage... it's the flooding.
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    Some new headlines coming out:


    - Mayor: 80% of New Orleans under water. Both airports under water. 2 block wide levee break pouring water in, water still rising. Some parts under 20 feet of water. I-10 causeway utterly destroyed...

    - Jefferson Parish under Marshal Law. No one being allowed into New Orleans.

    - Breaches of levee on south shore....

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