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  1. slumpey


    what is appropriate to wear to a meeting for a prop. trading position. I assume a suit is too nice. Is business casual good enough for New York positions.
  2. G-Man


    There is never anything too nice when interviewing for a job, even at a prop firm. If you want to make a good first impression, wear a suit!
  3. oh, wait, I got it!!

    Just wear a loin clothe. It will be easier and less frustrating
    for them, if they don't have to bother working through a three-
    piece when they start Ass-raping you.

    your cooperation will be rewarded for sure. :p

    Just kidding.

    Yeah, business casual is totally fine. A nice Polo button down
    and a nice pair of slacks and shoes and your're golden!

    good luck on the interview.

  4. slumpey


    unlike the first poster, I respect your opinion.
  5. axehawk


    If you're going to an interview where the prop firm will be paying you a salary and staking you, then wear a damn suit!

    If you're going to Bright Trading to plunk down $25K, then I'm sure Don won't mind you showing up in a "sweatpants-casual" look.

  6. slumpey


    I am going to meet with someone from Worldco, Hold Brothers, and Lynx Capital. Please be honest and tell me what would be appropriate for each. All prop. trading firms
  7. i disagree. you need to project yourself into the role and act like you belong. if it's semi-formal (like ETG), then definitely a suit. if it's informal (WORLDCO), then business casual - dress shirt, dark pants, and black shoes
  8. rs7


    And be well groomed. I have interviewed guys that came in unshaven and needing a haircut, etc.

    A first impression is a one time shot.
  9. slumpey


    dafugginman: is black dress pants, black dress shoes, and dark blue colared business shirt okay for NYC meeting tomorrow.
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