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  1. Hey guys I am a college grad from a good school rather not say where but I have 2 interviews at FNYS and Chimera Capital . . . What do you think is the better firm for grads and I know FNYS gives a training salary but I just want to know if its overall better than Chimera?
  2. From my understanding, Chimera is a churn-and-burn prop shop and FNYS is more respected by the guys on this site. Hope that answers the question. You could always get someone to do the other interview for you though... JK!

    Props for getting both interviews though :).
  3. hmmm . . . interesting i have heard pretty good things about Chimera on this website as well . . . i'm just nervous cause i heard FNYS is very selective
  4. Ask to see the firm P&Ls. A good firm will gladly show you. Ask how many traders are consistently profitable on a daily basis, that will help too. You definitely want to work with experienced traders, probably in a 5:1 ratio (new guys to experienced traders), and you want them share their knowledge with both informal and formal mentoring. Buddy of mine was at FNYS for several years, no complaints from him.

    Good luck
  5. It's not even a comparison, FNYS hands down. However, getting past all the interviews there is no joke, so don't get excited. They grant a lot of first interviews, not so many seconds and very few thirds.
  6. I hear Tower hill is a great place if you are in Chicago.
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    One similarity is that at both you trade firm capital and get paid salary / draw, which makes it confusing that someone would call Chimera a churn and burn shop since the Chimera owners would be churning and burning their own money (and paying you salary to do it).

    Trading styles taught are totally different.

    FSNY is a mid to long term shop, Chimera teaches short term strategies, but also has black box programmers on site to help traders with automated strategies.

    There are other differences obviously, and some other similarities as well. Being that you have interviews at both, you'll have the best shot at the answers you want and be able to form your own opinion.