Interviewing Questions to ask Prop Firms

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by wetears, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. wetears


    I am interviewing with 2 firms-One pure Prop, the other a Retail Firm.

    I have a basic understanding of the differences of the two, but would greatly appreciate the insight of someones who has a better idea of how each works, and things to be aware of.

    Any suggestions about what to ask both-I am interviewing with the true Prop for the second time. I will be talking with 3 senior traders, and it will be the first interview with the retail one-although their screening seems to be quite different since I am putting up a deposit potentially.

    What are fair and reasonable commisions, desk fee, data feed-ball park monthly break even, etc.

    Thanks for any help you can offer-
  2. cane1214


    what type of strategies are implemented in their trading? Tape reading? Quantitative analysis? Fundamental? etc
  3. Ebo


    What sort of cuisine does the corporate chef offer in the executive dining room?

    Do they offer an extensive wine list?

    How often is the humidor replenished on the desk?

    Are BBBJ's permitted under the desk by the in-house masseuse?
  4. wetears


    Thanks for the help-to both posters. The humidor and under the desk tomfoolery will we great questions, and if not offered currently, an idea to offer the top 5 monthly traders.