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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by dud711, Mar 16, 2004.

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    Have an interview with pro firm soon. Would like suggestions on intelligent sounding questions about the firm? Additionally, expect one of them to be tranaction costs and percent of earnings i get to keep. Would like to know what are good numbers if I put in 5k (and what would be good if i put nothing up, my preference). Are the figures they quote negotiable before I even take job (if i get an offer), or would that be pushing my luck?
  2. everything is negotiable.
  3. Just remember that there are no trading "jobs" and successful traders would never want to have a job. Show your ambition, dedication, desire, and willingness to work extremely hard to learn all you can from serious, professional firms.

    The reason that most business ventures fail is lack of capital. Don't fall into the trap of trying to negotiate some payout arrangement with a little "sub-sub" llc type of place. Find a decent, legal broker-dealer who is going to Help You Learn how to trade well. If you want, try for a job on an exchange or with a Clearing Firm, so you can learn the business.

    This is a great career, and many of the best traders I know started by working for zero with successful people. Keep your eye on the long term...think of the first few years as extended college (without the beer, LOL), and do your very level best to not get the attitude that destroys 90% of all traders...the ol' " I know what I'm doing, and I deserve free money, free commissions, and other successful people should be happy just to have my pretty face sitting around".....this mentality leaves most on the outs and working for Walmart.

    There are many firms that may allow you "in" with little or no money...primarily because they are desperate for bodies....and there are firms (other than ours) that are good and solid that will offer you sincere opportunities, and yet only a couple of firms that can actually follow through with training, successful people, and a chance for survival. Look at Schonfeld and Generic (Carlin), or FNYS (they don't hire many, but do add a handful each year). When you're ready to make your own mark, run your own career, then please give me a call...I'll be glad to help.

    All the best.....