Interview with God

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  1. As some of you may know, I am an atheist. Even so, I enjoyed this little item, which was recently e-mailed to me:

    Religious implications aside, it offers some gentle wisdom and is worth a look.
  2. What, no comments on the wisdom of the ages? It's actually quite good and only lasts about 2 minutes or so.
  3. platitude :)

    all play on WORDS

    is God this unimaginative?
  4. I suppose God is more of a "big picture" guy. The devil is in the details. Regardless, I actually thought the presentation was pretty good once you get past the make-believe part.
  5. I Loved it!! Alot!!! The only part that spoiled it is the very last part.

    Excuse me??? He was never there!!! Never there when a child begged for him to intervene before he or she is raped. Never there when a mother or father loses one of their children.
    Never there when a crock cleans an old woman on pension. He is never ever there when the meek needed him the most.
  6. There are basically two kinds of messages:

    a. Messages that lead you out of the world.
    b. Messages that lead you around the world.

    a. Divine wisdom
    b. Conventional wisdom

  7. What was taught in this parable was mostly between the lines.
  8. maybe i didn't get past that p[art, didn't watch it all. what i saw was so contrived and manipulative that it is ludicrous to consider even for a second that an OMNIPOTENT OMNISCIENT God-thing would think or speak like that :D
  9. As I wrote earlier, I am an atheist. The only reason I watched it was as a favor to a friend who sent it to me. When I discarded the deity part, the underlying message gave me a bit of pause. No, I don't now believe in god and have no plans to do so any time soon. Ignore the god part and see for yourself. Or don't.
  10. Yah, more big picture.

    Our Father does not interact with this world because it is a private domain within our mind with "Keep Out" signs posted.
    He does not teach us anything because he made us equals.
    To teach implies inequality.
    The only one worthy to teach a Son of God is a Son of God.
    Teaching became necessary when the Son turned himself into a learner by denying his knowledge.
    That denial led to the making of this world.
    The Answers to it's unmaking are taught by a Son of God who teaches for God, for you.
    He teaches mainly equality.

    The conventional wisdom insists that God made this world for man. And man is thought to be his children.
    This is ludicrous enough to render most of the platitudes nonsensical.

    For example, it's not just that man compares himself to others.
    The whole concept of comparison is what gives rise to this world.
    Man IS a comparison device.
    Whoever makes this world is the one making comparisons.
    The world is built on inequalities.
    That is not our Father's handiwork.

    It's good to forgive. It's imperitive to forgive.
    But unless forgiveness is understood, it is ineffectual for leading the Son of God out of this world.

    The presentation assumes death is natural,
    and gives the impression that life is about living in the present....
    ...until death comes.
    God's Teachers do not give this kind of advice.
    Life in a body is not really Life. It's existence.
    Existence is something to be saved from, not perpetuated.

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