Interview with a Full Time Trader and CTA

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  2. tommcginnis


    I'm barely 20 minutes in, and had to sign back into ET to thank you for posting this.
    Great interview.
    *Realistic* trader -- who knows of what he speaks.
    Solid, solid stuff. RARE.

    Way big :thumbsup:.
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    Thank you so much for these kind words. We will try our best to bring solid and practical content to the ET community.
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  4. Agree, great podcast full of applicable knowledge here. Thanks for posting.
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  6. lindq


    Very nice interview. Particularly nice to hear from someone who walked a similar trading path as mine, during the same time frame. And came away with the same lessons.

    The market around 2000 put a lot of people out of business. But those of us who managed to hang on and survive the margin calls came away with a big respect for risk, and the need to always consider worst-case-scenarios.
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    I feel that today more than ever there are those who want to be full-time market traders, especially when everything is so accessible and priced right(in my opinion). However, having those who have been trading for years bring a sense of practicality as to the hidden challenges that some may not consider. The comments here and the overall gratitude is really appreciated. I will do my best to find more traders whose views can help the trading community.
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    I enjoyed it as well. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks for sharing very informative!
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  10. fan27


    This is definitely one of the better trading interviews I have listened to. There was good info regarding system development/trading that I had not considered before. thanks!
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