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    Does anyone know if Optiver pays for your visit to the interview if you are living out of state ? How about other prop firms like DRW trading ?

    Thanks very much.
  2. From where to where would you be traveling? At Optiver, are you taking the first math test or have you made it to the 2nd or 3rd stage?
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    I have not formally received the call for the math test yet. I applied only 4 days ago. I currently live in Washington. So I guess it would be from WA to Chicago. However, if I were invited for a math test, do you know if they pay for the visit ?

  4. 1) No way, Hozay.
    2) The only way they might fly you out is if you're a Nobel Prize caliber talent. :cool:
  5. fogut


    Does that mean people fly themselves out for all 3 interviews ?
    (if they are not in Chicago). Do they hire only local traders ?

  6. They had me do the numerical test online..

    Then I received a phone call that I did well on the numerical test..

    And from then on, I haven't heard back.. not even a chance to do the next test(s)

  7. There are a lot of traders and students to draw on in close vicinity to Chicago, New York and Holland. :cool:
  8. Were you explicitly told that you scored in the high-50's or better? :confused:
  9. Forgot the exact number but I think it was 60 something
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    How long ago was the test ? How did they keep the integrity of the test if it was offered online ?

    Let me know.
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