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    I applied for a real time trader position at Westar Energy and Have a friend that works there that is helping me get an interview. I was wanting to here from some people about any tips they have or things to read up on before I interview. The job posting focuses on a lot of analytical decision making skills, working in a team environment, and being a driven/motivated individual. It is a rotating shift job. I have experience trading commodities for both speculative and hedging clients. My experience is mainly hedging risk for farmers and brokering speculative accounts with a few discretionary accounts. I have the most experience in the grain, livestock, energy, and indices sectors with a less experience in the currencies and metals and none in the interest rates. Any advice would be greatly appreaciated from tips about the interview process to information on my day to day schedule. Thanks.
  2. how did your interview go? What type of questions were asked?

    I am in the same boat as you, worked in Agricultural commodities for awhile and on a rates/bond desk for a year and looking to try and move to electricity/energy trading. seems there is a lot of opportunity in this area of the market.

    Any info is appreciated, all I've hit are dead ends so far