Interview: Sosnoff and Natenberg

Discussion in 'Options' started by Trader13, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Trader13


    I just ran across this recent interview. If you're reading this forum, you already know who these guys are so they don't need an introduction.

    Natenberg made interesting comments about correlations of IV and intermarket volatility spreads. Also insights on how much professional trading is volatility-based vs. directional. Enjoy!
  2. Kinda cemented what I had a hunch on.

    As retail, it's ridiculously hard to make money unless youre extremely well capitalized (cant put a number on it but say several hundred thousand?)

    I've read the book- I scripted my first volatility cone after reading the part on it. I didn't read it all though. I think I'm going to soon enough.

    Natenberg is badass- sharp as a tack and sheer street smart.


    And thanks for the link Trader13!
  3. thanks for posting this! pretty good show
  4. Thanks for sharing. Great interview...