Interview Questions to expect!

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Milu888, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Milu888


    I have an interview with 2 trading firms for the Assistant trader position.

    1. Jane Street capital, NYC

    2.DRW trading , CHICAGO

    Can someone tell me some potential questions to expect from these firms during my interview?

    I would also appreciate if you can guide me as to which of the above 2 firms is a better one to take (Pif i get offers from both of them) ?
  2. jimyp0p



    Just curious, where did you go to school (or are you still there)?
  3. Here is one question I always seem to get in interviews:

    from the interviewer "If I just sat down at my desk with a hot cup of coffee and was about to put the creamer in and suddenly someone comes in to tell me that there is a mandatory meeting and I cannot bring my coffee, If I want the coffee to be as hot as possible when I return, should I put the creamer in now before the meeting or wait until after I get back?"
  4. It doesn't matter when you put the creamer in. Both the coffee and the creamer will change temperature the same sitting, whether separate or combined. So, adding it now or after the meeting won't make one difference.

    Can I have the job?

  5. I remember an interviewer asking me if I trade futures. I recall being asked what trading books I read and the names of speculators whose work I study. I recall being asked about what software I use and if I am familiar with Matlab and SQL.
  6. MGJ


    If you give the wrong answer to this question, they will escort you out of the building at 9:45AM.

    Have you ever heard of these books?