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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by AndreTheGiant, Aug 21, 2008.

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    I am looking for a good book/website for prepare for interview questions, specifically those logic/game type questions that cover probability, basic game theory, etc ...

    I believe I saw a similar thread in the past but I did not find it in a search.

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    an interview isnt an exam.
  3. ggoyal


    i had an interview today with a chicago firm. this was for a job though and they don't require a capital deposit and all that. much bigger than that.

    the questions were simple, but some stuff I had no knowledge about. kind of awkward.

    one question was

    1USD=110 Yen
    1euro=160 yen

    how would you a produce a riskless arbitrage out of this.

    I didn't know this one.

    I think I did fairly well on the others. I hope I get the second interview, it would be awesome.
  4. I just tell them that I read Reminiscences of a Stock operator when I was a kid, and played a lot of chess growing up. Both True...and work I guess.
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    so, 1E = x Yen if buying with $, but 1E = q Yen if i buy with E.

    clue = 5c arb
  6. 1. Pay 160 Yen for 1 Euro
    2. Sell 1 Euro for 1.5 USD
    3. Sell 1.5 USD for 165 Yen

    The result is that you started with 160 Yen and ended up with 165 Yen, making 5 Yen risk free.