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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by wannabee, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. wannabee


    Hello guys,

    I have an interview with a prop trading firm in the next week, and ive just signed up to this forum to see if any one has any tips for me. I really really want the job. Help pleeease!!
  2. Show a lot of enthusiasm for the markets and portray a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed.

    Or, put up 5K and the job is yours :D
  3. I thought they hired anybody if you can put up 5K
  4. wannabee


    Ok. I have been to the library and taken out a few books, 'technical charting for profits' etc. Im trying to understand them as quickly as possible - is this a good plan? Any particular areas that you recommend?

    What do you mean about the £5k?

    What is the training normally like for new grads at prop trading firms?
  5. Daal


    jesus, you better off selling subway sandwichs. trust me on this one
  6. I'm assuming he means hired "prop" as opposed to just working at a prop firm w/ his own capital up.

  7. nkhoi

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    I always give out this good tip; if you don't know the answer, at the end of interview just ask, that way you can repeat it with confidence in the next interview.
  8. mizer


    Make sure you wear a 5k pin striped suit 1800 shoes a nice omega or breitling watch and dont forget to put on clean pair of undies :cool:
  9. wannabee


    Where did you go to school mate? English not your best subject?

    Thank you nkhoi and Steve for your help.
    Mizer and Daal, you guys crack me up! I take it you are both pre pubescent.
  10. Hey mizer, it is a job interview not NBA Draft Night. Unless of course by trading he means trading hoes for some pimp. Better to come dressed in sweats with a $5000 check taped to your forehead.
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