Interview on ATC 2010: The Biggest Myth about NN is Super-Profitability

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    On the website of the Automated Trading Championship 2010, we've published the Interview with Leonid Velichkovski: The Biggest Myth about Neural Networks is Super-Profitability. Leonid Velichkovski has already participated in Automated Trading Championships. In 2008, his multicurrency neural network was like a bright flash in the sky, earning $110,000 in a certain moment, but eventually fell victim to its own aggressive money management. On the eve of the ATC 2010, Leonid talks about the most common myths and misconceptions associated with neural networks.

    The article has been published on the website of the Automated Trading Championship 2010, in the News section.

    The sponsors of the Championship are: Interbank FX LLC (IBFX), MIG BANK SA and FXCM (Forex Capital Markets LLC). The media sponsors are the TRADERS' journal and the Dow Jones information agency. The Organizer of the Championship is MetaQuotes Software Corp.
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    NN are nothing more than a clever way of disguising curve fitting.
  3. Not even disguising anything. It is curve-fitting and very stupid curve-fitting I would say. Nothing clever about it.
  4. Interesting to see so many people dislike NN for trading...
    Is that because people who are making money using NN don't speak out?