Interview of Palin: Judge for Yourself

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ByLoSellHi, Sep 11, 2008.

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  2. Nice post, thank's for the video. Now you're using your kop.

    She did a good job. I'll REPEAT. The McCain administration is NOT going to make war mongering job 1. Palin isn't some neo-con. Her interest is in governing America not reving up the American war machine. She did well and man is she a pretty woman.
  3. clearly not ready. remember, the only way they would allow her to be interviewed is if she was allowed to see the questions in advance.
  4. Shes so inexperienced (clueless?) in regard to foreign policy matters that it was quite embarrassing to watch. She didnt even know what the Bush Doctrine was. The interviewer had to help her out by giving hints.

  5. Didnt seem like she knew the questions in advance. As i just posted she didnt seem to know what the Bush Doctrine was.
  6. Average at best. She'll need to improve or they'll bury her on the Sunday morning shows. She ain't ready for that. I'll give her some kudos just for the guts to do it. She's made the equivalent of making a move from High School football to the NFL in one move. The first few hits are gonna' hurt.
  7. "
    Walkin down the street,
    pretty woman,
    the kind Pabst would like, to meet..
    GOP'n in to the street,
    pretty woman;

    I don't believe you, your not the truth.....
    No-one could shoot a grizzly just like you, oooo---ooooouuuu!!!!"

    Apologies to the big "O".
  8. She said she is ready to be president, and you say it takes guts to answer a few questions?

    Oy vey...

  9. Yes indeed, the angry white republican's idea of a pretty woman...

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  10. ak15


    They wanted to shield her from the press for as long as possible. Now we know why even though most of us suspected as much.
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