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    hey all, long time lurker, first post here though...

    Lynx Capital Partners, located in NYC, recently started recruiting on my school career services website. I applied for their equity trading position and got invited for a first round interview. I have read various posts on these forums, but am wondering once and for all, do you all agree it is worth it to travel to nyc for an interview with them. They seem very legit, but they require prop traders to provide their own capital for their first year. That is the part that worries me. Does anybody known how much capital would be necessary to start with them. I have a decent amount of money saved up, but would like to get a better idea of what they require and want before I travel halfway across the country. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. 1) Employers should pay travel expenses for applicants.
    2) How much do you have saved up?
    3) What would it cost for you to live in vicinity to NYC?
    4) If you're supremely confident, you'll do it.
    5) Try to work out something closer to where your parents live so you don't put yourself in a situation where you have to be profitable immediately.
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    Lol, what exactly is their angle? There not a broker-dealer so they dont make consistent money trading customer accounts. There obviously not an investment bank, nor market makers cashing in on the spread. They seem to be just some kind of propriety trading group. Leeching off profitable traders and paying them by their 'profits'. Their website has a cool flash animation though.:)
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    This is NOT a job interview. You will be a customer.
  5. seriously think long and hard before your next move.

    you will be a self employed trader backed with your own money.

    you are interviewing them.

    not they interviewing you.

    my advise is this:

    get a full time employed job in trading support/back office/middle office etc.

    learn the business from the inside.

    what you will learn quickly as i did is that trader turnover is very high.

    if you feel you want to get involved then do so on a part time/small time exposure basis.

    remember trader turnover is very high, stress levels are high and this job will give you a lot of headaches.

    very few people are consistently making money month in month out.

    obvious plus is the money if you do well.

    quite honestly i wish i had chosen something different.

    but that was 26 years ago and now is now.

    all the best.
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    It's not a job, its a prop firm. You put in a deposit and that covers training and any losses you might have. Basically they provide you with leverage and a seat on a desk, if you make money, great, they take a cut, if you lose more than you deposited they fire you and keep your deposit to cover the losses.