Intersight Trading...Triple Digit Real Returns?

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    Has anyone heard of Intersight Trading? They claim to have generated triple digit percent returns on their capital four years in a row...just wondering if anyone has used their training or can verify their results (they say that they will provide proof).
  2. If you have actually looked at the website and are still considering it, then God help you, because the market sure won't.

    Don't waste your time.
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    Actually, the website looks great and appears credible from what I can see...which is why I'm considering it.
  4. 1) A reasonable webguy could make that in about a one day - and take off for 4 hours on the beach.

    2) Please calc for yourself what those returns would turn $10,000 into for the years listed - I didn't do it, but I think just 10K becomes well into the millions - why then be so interested in selling your product for $400? Or did he start with 50 bucks or something?

    3) One of the pages mentions getting a 60% commission which adds up to over $1,000 on the most expensive product - gee guys, the products price has been reduced to $400! lol

    This is from a 2 minute glance at the site.

    Looks like an 8th grade project to me.

    Just MO

  5. Compounding $10K over the 6 year period, considering conservative money management would have yielded near $10 billion if the full amount would have been used.
  6. You are either Van Dyke or his tool.
    The site is nothing more and an advertisement and a poor one at that.