Interpreting Raw Data

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    This is my first post here and being a relatively new trader I hope this question isn't too naive or perhaps in the wrong forum. I'm having a bit of trouble formalizing my question but here goes.

    How much use is the raw data (time and sales?) in Quote Tracker in tracking net buying and selling?

    Sometimes I notice price will drop sharply from say 18 to 17 (maybe it is dropping out of a pattern or trend) and volume will pick up substantially which looks like people are selling hard, but the Raw Data window will show blocks of shares (1000, 5000 etc.) as if they were buys (the trade went through higher than the bid and thus the block is colored green signaling a buy). This then looks like people were buying as price dropped which would be counter to what people should be doing as price dropped. The candles for these minutes would be red for down but many of the sales were as noted above.

    All the TA books I have read seem to care only that there is a volume spike associated with a breakout/breakdown to confirm the legitimacy of a move. Should I read anything into these blocks that look like they were buys or should I just pay attention to price direction and the volume associated with sharp moved up or down?

    And a few other questions I have are, are some of these blocks I see market maker or specialist trades that they have been gathered up? Are these customer trades? Or, does it matter who is trading?

    Thanks for any responses.