Interpret My Dream,Please?Give Solution.

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  1. I had a good week last week until yesterday when I traded when tired.It's the only time I really lose.But I did have a strange dream about stocks.As soon as the stock gave me a profit,they appeared as food and (I can't remember but I think a mouthfull 'appeared' in my mouth immediately the stock gave me a profit).Then another stock I owned,had just bought gave me a 'profit' and more rich food appeared on the table and I knew I'd have to eat it and I thought 'I can't eat (all) that'.

    I've decided to give 10% of my weekly gains to charity.Is this the best way to tackle the problem?
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    Maybe you believe you don't deserve too much success, that making too much money is somehow wrong, "gluttonous". Or that maybe you can't handle success or wealth if it comes your way.

    Or maybe you just think you need to lose weight. ;)

  3. I think it's the former and I'm really afraid I'm trying to defeat myself.I was hoping that sharing the 'bounty' might be a bargaining chip for the part of me that's not happy.The things I've read about self sabotaguers is that there's no cure,which isn't what I want to hear.

    It's actually quite difficult for me to lose unless I'm tired (futures).I bought my first stock a few days ago when I could see we'd entered a downward trav in the overall market.I got out with a small profit but it was a strange place to buy my first stock.

    I've tried approaching people as trading buddies to keep me honest during market hours but of course no-one wants to share (I don't either except I need feedback).
  4. wow doc...this was good....

  5. ================
    re; feedback

    1st] Yes give 10% plus;
    its a starting point.

    2nd] Dreams can mean some thing ;
    they certainly did to Joseph, nickname the dreamer.

    3]Yes on stocks its easy to over feast your eyes;
    believe it or not don't trade much @ lunch, but usually eat lunch @ my computer.

    4]And funny but true, don't ;
    or stock certificates/derivatives.

    5.55]Not sure how someone gets tired frequently with lunch break & underlying stock/ derivatives reg hours only about7 hours;
    are you getting enough exercise/labor,
    ,organic vitamins?????

    6.66]Sugar, sugar drinks like KO,[or any sugar that isnt natural like red apples,green apples] MAKES ,me VERY,very,very tired.
    Apples are fine/healthy.

    Sometimes tend to over do research /midnight, usually just go to bed., cause get tired. Physical activity[labor, like trim trees] @ lunch time helps against premature tiredness.

    In all labor there is profit
    Solomon trader king
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    I'm not into the whole "psychology" thing but I've read "they" say one reason for this kind of thing is because traders don't feel they've really earned their income. We're brought up in a society where one is supposed to go to a job outside your home, "workin' for the man" at something you hate, or at best endure. To work at something you enjoy in the comfort of your own home on your clock w/yourself as the boss just doesn't seem right to some people. So this may be an aspect of your personality you should examine.

    I don't know your trading style but one reasons traders develop a plan and stick to it is so their emotions won't cause them to screw up and lose - by not setting stops or not taking profits when they should or whatever. Maybe you could approach it from the flip side - create and stick to a plan that will prevent you from self-sabotage. For instance - "I won't trade when I'm tired." And so on...

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    Well, I figured it either had to be that or that deep down he really wanted to have sex w/his mother...

  9. I think you misinterpreted hcour's post. It was likely a reference to Freud and his theories regarding the psychosexual development of children and the interpretation of dreams. Try a search on Freudian Theory or Psychoanalysis.

    hcour is a good guy who has given me a lot of help with my attempt to build my own computer.
  10. Forget charity, PROBLEM IS THAT YOU ARE DEPRIVING YOURSELF, I bet you know what you are lacking.
    Your subconsciousness is getting rewards in your dreams, because it knows that you will depriving yourself,( bad diet, drinking, smoking too much, no sex ) of some enjoyment even if you can afford it.
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