Interpol Issues International Arrest Warrant For Julian Assange For "Sex Crimes"

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  2. NWO BS!
  3. thats another good excuse- sex crimes, or maybe speeding in his car!
  4. No doubt this was produced by Hillary et. al., heating up the phone lines.

    They aren't even ashamed at how transparent this is.

    The powerless MUST NOT be allowed to rise up.
  5. Charlie Sheen might be innocent?!!
  6. The girl with the Dragon Tattoo will help him out I'm sure....
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    Why? Did one of the cables show he had sex with Hillary? :D
  8. "It's perfect really. It's about the highest crime you can do that can never really be disproved because it all hangs on intangibles like consent and intention. Don't get me wrong, if he raped someone he should be prosecuted, but it all seems far too convenient to me.

    a) A man who became world famous as the spokeperson for a website leaking government secrets finds his every action under intense media scrutiny. Despite this, he goes to Sweden and without any prior criminal history, he suddenly decides to rape two women.

    b) Rape is a useful charge to bring against someone because it can never be proved or disproved. The powers that be, the corpoate, industrial media complex uses this crime to go after Assange and punish the messenger.

    The funny thing about a and b is that they both sound like conspiracy theories and yet one of them must be true."
  9. i'm disappointed at sweden. i thought of them as a country of higher political ethics than, say, the US or russia or china, but i guess not.
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