interoretation of natural gas report

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  1. quoted fromEIA:

    Working natural gas in storage increased to 2,533 Bcf as of Friday, June 21, according to EIA's WNGSR. The 95 Bcf gain in storage levels was higher than both the 5-year average and year-ago stock changes for the week, which had net injections of 79 Bcf and 58 Bcf, respectively. Despite the large build, current inventories remain 522 Bcf (17.1%) less than last year at this time and 31 Bcf (1.2%) below the 5-year average of 2,564 Bcf.

    I am not clear about what injection means? the report is too simple in NASDAQ website. I trade NG sometimes, but very blindly. mainly technically. I want to know more about NG's fundemental supply/demand situation
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    Just type 'eia natural gas storage report' into Google and it will take you to the EIA website. The EIA site is a great resource with charts, tables and downloadable data, plus explanations about storage regions, storage capacity and so on.