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  1. I am a freshman majoring in finance and Russian; however, I have been trading fx for 2.5 years, have passed the series 3 and launched a charitable commodity pool. Does anyone have any advice on receiving a summer internship--specifically at a commodity brokerage or trading firm? I am willing to talk on the phone/email anyone who is able to assist me...
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    You have to go to the website of each investment bank and use their online application forms to apply for an internship. Prepare a good CV, a letter of motivation. If you get selected, they usually have an assessment centre day and if successful, interviews with individual desks follow (usually 2-3 rounds). If commodities is what you want, they usually allow you to select individual desks and there select commodities. Keep in mind that prime brokerage is usually a different business division from the trading desks, up to you which one you prefer.

    Nothing more really, just go through the bank websites carefully. Good luck!
  3. where do you live? usa or russia?
  4. USA Midwest