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  1. Hi,

    I was just wondering if anyone by any chance knows a prop firm or any other kind of trading/investment firm that might hire an intern over this summer. I have 2 years of expirence in trading, but I am little on the young side. The intrnship does not have to pay me, I am just looking for more experience and guidence toward trading in (equities, options, futures, forex or bonds). All of the help would be greatly appreciated if someone would recommend a company that are willing to give out internships.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Most prop firms dont really hire interns. but good luck.
  3. All you need is 5-10k

  4. Check out the websites of the big I-banks, UBS, JP, Goldman. They post a lot of internships for college undergrads. Also if your college offers access to Monstertrak, they post a lot of internships on that.
  5. Kastro i have about 6K in my account,

    and unfortunatly I am going to college next year, I am finishing up with my high school this month, still 17.
  6. I was joking my friend. Only 17, I would wait a year or 2 before trying to get into an internship. Go to school, and you should be able to make contacts with the school you are in.

  7. Ebo


    It would not hurt to hang out in front of the NYSE or NYMEX and just introduce yourself to a few Clerks/Members. A few months on the floor is a valuable experience. Even if you just get lunch and deliver tickets.
  8. Well I daytrade my dads account becouse he lets me once in a while only with his strategy thou, but dont u think there is at least one firm that needs an intern or how they say coffee-maker.
  9. With the standards on Wall st. you need a degree in Math to serve people coffee!

    Start school, you will be amazed at the contacts the career center can make for you.

  10. Well already then, lol thanks for advice if that was one :D
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