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    I am just finishing the second year of my undergraduate degree in finance. I am wondering if anyone knows of any internships i could apply for lasting from 6 months to a year. The location does not matter since i am capable of moving anywhere however I only speak english. Thanks for any suggestions
  2. You're a sophomore, don't expect top firms to beat down your door because you've taken macro and micro economics.
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    Where do you go to school, and what are your specific interests?
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    I go to a small university in Canada and my program is finance and my main interests are the markets. For the last few years i have read about the markets and some of the theoretical things such as pricing models, technical and fundamental analysis. I know they wont be going out there to higher me which is why i am looking for places to apply just as a foot in the door for a real world learning experience. I would be willing to work for virtually nothing and support myself in other ways if it would simply allow me the experience of actually working in the industry.
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    When I was your age, I was able to land two internships. The first I got into through a family friend, an options trader, and the second I got into through a supportive professor.

    If you don't have any connections, try approaching your professors, they can be very helpful if you've shown interest.

    Lastly, you can just try the old brute force method. Get in contact with some smaller firms in your area and see if there are any openings.
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    thanks a lot for the advice. I will try to talk to one of my professors since i know they have lots of contacts in the community and i have done well in any of the business classes so far. hopefully it works out
  7. You're a dumbass. Did he say anything about "top firms"? Did he say anything about a getting an actual job?

    No. He said entry level, work for nothing, internship type job.


    Getting a job involving trading can be hard if you are not in a large city. I got lucky with my first. Just keep at it with the attitude you have now. Take what you can get whenever you can get it. The harder you want/work toward something the closer it gets. Be it profit, a working system, or a job.
  8. I'm in the same boat. Where in Canada are you going to school?

    I was able to get an interview at TD Waterhouse for an internship, more specifically in Private Investment Advice. They said no after my first interview (due to lack of funding for a summer student, so they said) and I went on looking for something else. I got a call yesterday and they want me back for more interviews on Friday, so even though I thought that was done, turns out I was wrong. Funny how that happens.

    I had an 'in', if you want to call it that. A friend of mine is 'well off', and he put in me touch with his account manager. Account manager put me in touch with the branch manager, and I got an interview after 2-3 weeks of calling him.

    Networking is where it's at. Of course they will look at your background, but getting in the door is the hardest part. If you have a large interest in the area, meet with other people who share your passion. You will learn from them and meet more and more people along the way.

    Good luck!
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  10. While it may not be exactly what you are looking for, interning at a brokerage firm could provide some good experience for your resume later.
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