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  1. I currently have an "internship" with a hedge fund that hasn't really been working out. A lot of promises have been made, but long story short, little has been followed through with.

    I am now friends with the guy I work with so this makes this a little harder... but now he is saying that he wants me to trade paper for a while with my strategy and then after he sees it in action, he will let me manage a portion of the funds. Well... that is not what I originally had in mind when I got my internship. I could be doing (and I am ) with my own funds. I wanted to help him out with anything I could in return for knowledge - and its been near a year and I'm seeing nothing promising.

    The kicker is that he wants me to show him what I do step by step basically. Now, believe me... I don't think that what I do is anything special, but (as I've told my mentor in regards to my question) I feel it is rather strange that the student is teaching the teacher.

    What do you guys think? Get out of a potentially bad situation now?

    I have always felt if I dont have a good feeling about something that I should not even bother with it... well I have broken my own rules with this in this regard. I am young (19) so I am sure there will be much more opportunities later as I become a better trader.

    Then again, I am rather careful with anything to do with business. I have learned how to deal in business situations from my family and the biggest thing I know is that you never destroy relationships or act too soon.
  2. can I ask you what background you have to have been able to

    "get in the door" of this HF ?

    did you apply to a few HF's or investment banks at the same time you applied for this one ?
  3. No real background to tell you the truth. I have always got all my jobs by simply talking...

    Long story short, he was doing a guest presentation at a club... I introduced myself, we talked, and had a lunch.

    Pretty much the same way i've gotten all my jobs - a mix of luck and social skills.
  4. I don't know what your situation is exactly but you should stand up for yourself if you feel they're stringing you along.
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